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Chad Edwards Art & Photography

Fine Art and Photography at Your Fingertips by Chad Edwards

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Art is Life

Chad Edward’s interest in photography, art and music came around as a child when he would sneak cameras into concerts. None of those photos really turned out to be any good.Then one night at a Phish concert (Memphis 1999) a few photos he took from a really cheap camera came out really well. Then around 2001 he bought his first SLR film camera and fooled around with it a bit for a few years not really putting much time as he could into it. During that time going on the road with New Orleans band Brotherhood of Groove.


 Then around spring 2007, while at a Blueground Undergrass show, Chad was asked by bandleader, The Rev Jeff Mosier to come on the road with them as tour manager. No questions were asked, handshakes were made, hugs were given and Chad’s life was forever changed. Late 2007 brought about The Lee Boys, a sacred steel family band from Miami. Many surreal moments were spent in an airplane andthe white van criss-crossing the country.  


 Many years later and a few digital cameras later he was first published in the true crime novel; Shake The Devil Off as the chapter 8 opening photo (The Spotted Cat bar on Frenchmen St in New Orleans) published in 2009


After working with The Lee Boys, Chad started working with Grayson Capps. It was Capps who actually was Chad’s first paying photography gig, shooting the bands infamous doorframe band shot from 2010 including photo credits on the Grayson Capps & The Lost Cause Minstrels 2011 release.




Chad now works with Grayson Capps as tour manager/photographer/Social Media/sometimes band booker/aka the guy who tries to put socks on a rooster. He also spends time working with Cary Hudson of Blue Mountain fame and others as their social media dude.

Chad was also recently the featured artist on the #1 show on HGTV, Home Town and one of the top overall rated shows on TV!




Since then he has gone on to be published in Legends Magazine, Sense magazine, Relix, Honest Tune, South MS State Fair, Offbeat and Dime among other publications. Credits also include albums by Grayson Capps, Cary Hudson, Will Kimbrough, Big Ol Nasty Get Down, Lightnin’ Malcolm, Willie Sugarcapps, Scott Nolan, Anthony Crawford, and many more.  

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